Parent testimonial

Akshara with her father Amudhan Venkateswaran

My daughter has been learning Carnatic vocal lessons from Smt. Savitha Venkatapathy for the last 4 years.

Smt. Savitha not only has vast knowledge and experience in roots of Carnatic music form, she is an excellent teacher and a mentor who understands her students individually and has a lot of patience.

Under her guidance, my daughter won first prize (Krithi under age 13) and second prize (Varnam, under age 13) in Saptami 2020 contest. Beyond carnatic music, Smt. Savitha is also a trained Bharathanatyam dancer, giving her the unique opportunity to blend the two South Indian classical art forms,

-Amudhan Venkateswaran

Students of Sri Aravinda Mudhra on annual meet event
Akshara with her teacher and the music judges for Saptami 2019 Indianapolis contest- Smt Mytreyi Sastri Aravind and Smt Malathy
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